May 28, 2021 Frontend Engineer

Who are we?

Denexus' mission is to build the global standard for Cyber Risk Quantification and unlocking the Risk Capital Markets to underwrite cyber risk at scale.

Join us in developing the world's first statistical engine for measuring industrial cyber risk.

Duties and responsibilities

· Build UI components that bring the product to life, while keeping to specifications from product management and design guidelines

· Connect visual components with RESTful endpoints and manage their states with Redux

· Performance profile and test applications using Javascript tooling

· Create custom interactive visualizations using React and D3 or Plotly.js while understanding the statistical concepts behind them

· Fill in the gaps that the specifications have not been able to cover, and effectively document the decisions taken.


· Expertise in React and Redux

· Expertise with RESTful APIs

· Understanding of asynchronous Javascript (e.g. callbacks, promises, async/await, etc.)

· Comfortable working with React and D3

· Experience handling asynchronous actions in Redux (Redux-Thunk/ Sagas) is a big plus

· Familiarity with React tooling such as babel and webpack will be beneficial

· Any experience with Unit and End to End testing is highly appreciated (Playwright/Puppeteer, Jest, etc…)

· Familiarity with performance profiling is a plus

· Experience with Node.js / Express is an advantage

· Having used either Angular or Vue.js (in addition to React) is a plus

· Knowledge in Python is a plus

· Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related technical field

· Fluency in English required


· Based in Madrid, Spain

· Occasional travel to San Francisco, USA

Full Time

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