OT Cybesecurity Analyst

Who are we?

Denexus' mission is to build the global standard for Cyber Risk Quantification and unlocking the Risk Capital Markets to underwrite cyber risk at scale.

Join us in developing the world's first statistical engine for measuring industrial cyber risk.

Duties and responsibilities

• Evaluation of entry vectors access (IAV) and potential propagation in the network of a malware in its different stages (MiTRE)

• Evaluation of the different industrial network topologies / architectures in cybersecurity parameters (proper network segmentation, use of the industrial DMZ, concept of “zones and conduits”, etc.) and their subsequent classification.

• Review and selection of data to extract from security products (IDS, IPOT Cybersecurity S, firewalls, OT, EDR, etc.) for risk assessment.

• Automate the verification of security controls.

• Search for incident data sources.

• Support for the modeling team.

• Support to the sales / after-sales team.

• Adjust frameworks to risks.

• Relationship with external companies.

• Relationship with universities.


• Degree in Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, or similar), Computer Science, or similar scientific / technical field.

• Cybersecurity training (degree, master, certification, …)

• Strong understanding of cybersecurity frameworks for ICS/OT environments (ISA-99/IEC 62443, NIST SP 800-82, NIST CSF, CIS, etc.).

• Strong understanding of OT network communication protocols (e.g., Ethernet/IP, CIP, Modbus, OPC, IEC-101/104, IEC-61850, etc.) and industrial networking topologies (e.g., ring, star, etc.).

• A minimum of three (5) years of practical experience in work (evaluation, design and implementation) of ICS / OT network architectures.

• Ability to correctly balance cyber risk and product advancement.

• Fluent in both written and spoken English to work in an international environment.

DeNexus highly values that the Cyber person…

• Has a strong communication skills to ensure coordination between all the entities involved in the project.

• Is highly self-motivated and keen attention to detail.

• Practical attitude and ability to push solutions through to completion.

• Growth mindset oriented to learn and advance the team.

• People used to working in agile teams.


• Based in Spain (remote position).

Full Time

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