February 17, 2021 Project Manager

Who are we?

Do you want to build software that cracks cybercrimes and paralyzes Mr. Robot in his tracks? Do you dare to read the minds of hackers and predict the next nation-state cyberattack? If so, then you belong at Denexus!

DeNexus is what happens when machine learning meets threat hunting. We are a team of visionary engineers scrambling to defend the world using data science. Our mission is to model and stop industrial cyber catastrophes like nuclear explosions and electrical blackouts. If you catch yourself questioning the realstory behind Stuxnet or how many new exploit kits get sold each year in the underground cyber market, then join us in developing the world’s first statistical engine for measuring industrial cyber risk.

Attacks are fast evolving. Defense starts with a true understanding of the system at risk.

Duties and responsibilities

· Leading Agile projects and managing all project activities without oversight or support, on projects of any size, complexity and standard to long schedule duration.

· Managing the client’s expectations to a positive outcome.

· Rigorous managing of projects Risks, Schedule and Budget.

· Ensuring the team has a proper mid-long term Roadmap Definition and Task Prioritization.

· Notifying the client of any changes in Project Scope, Budget, Roadmap and/or team Schedule or Availability.

· Managing Domestic and International projects.

· Ensuring the team follows the Continuous Integration and Quality standards and procedures.

· Preparing Project status, Reports, Proposals if necessary.

· Translating business needs and requirements into many deliverables such as functional specifications, workflow or mapping diagrams, technical designs, user stories, and more.

· Evaluating business processes, anticipating requirements, uncovering areas for improvement, and developing and implementing solutions by gathering critical information from meetings with various stakeholders.

· Value delivery. Understanding the business value of our delivery to the client and ensuring the project team provides it.

· Communicating effectively your insights, plans and needs to customers and team members.

· Monitoring and improving performance of all team members involved in delivery.

· Maintaining a positive, self-motivated, can-do attitude.

· Demonstrating strong leadership and team-building skills by creating an atmosphere of cooperation and cohesiveness.

· Giving presentations internally and externally including product demonstrations to stakeholders.


· 3+ years of demonstrable experience working as a Project Manager.

· 3+ years of experience working as a Business Analyst or related role.

· 3+ years of demonstrable experience leading Agile projects as a Scrum Master or Product Owner.

· Experience with software development teams, local and distributed across different time zones.

· Business Analyst knowledge of process scoping and ROI calculation, process mapping.

· Excellent organizational and time management skills regarding projects, reports and other commitments; complete assignments in a quality and timely fashion.

· Result & deliver business value-oriented.

· Great communication and leadership skills.

· Be available for traveling locally and internationally.

· Exceptional analytical and conceptual thinking skills.

· Competency in Cloud Sharing applications, including Google Suite and Microsoft Office suite.

· Empathy with the clients and the team.


· Based in Madrid, Spain

· Occasional travel to San Francisco, USA

Full Time

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