May 28, 2021 Site Reliability Engineer

Who are we?

Denexus' mission is to build the global standard for Cyber Risk Quantification and unlocking the Risk Capital Markets to underwrite cyber risk at scale.

Join us in developing the world's first statistical engine for measuring industrial cyber risk.

Duties and responsibilities

. Become the facilitator from a technical perspective that sits between DeNexus, a partner company that may bring an existing IT solution and the customer site engineers.

. You will participate in setting the groundwork for enabling a deployment in a given number of sites, which may include the assessment of the network infrastructure, network maps, help with device configuration to set-up secure connections and coordinate with external engineers.

. Help ensuring the deployed software and network flows stay up and running from the source to the receiving end of our infrastructure.

. Diagnose network issues and software errors in any component of our architecture, from an on-premises appliance to a cloud container.

. Participate setting up our physical appliances with virtualization software and configuring in-house developed and third party software.

. Manage the cloud infrastructure for the US regions that may require a US resident with security clearance with the help of automation tools and scripts.

. Participate implementing and monitoring security measures for the protection of computer systems, networks and information.

. Monitor infraestructure metrics, review logs, and alerts to verify the availability of the infraestructure and effectiveness of security controls.

. Participate in the design and implementation of new iterations of the infraestructure where our product and its support components will run.


. Proficient understanding of the IT network protocol stack.

. Expertise in python, bash, powershell scripting is desired.

. Experience working with infrastructure automation tools and frameworks: Ansible, Helm, Kops, Kubernetes, Terraform, CloudFormation, GitLab CI/CD.

. Expertise working with enterprise virtualization software such as the VMWare stack.

. Expertise working with cloud infrastructure including but not limited to AWS.

. Fluent level of spoken and written English.

DeNexus highly values that the SRE…

· Has a strong communication skills to ensure coordination between all the entities involved in a project.

· Has hands-on experience with scripting and coding to automate systems and security administration tasks.

· Is not isolated from the rest of the team. Working hand-in-hand with the rest of team members and external engineers is expected.

· Is able to find the balance between the perfect solution and the ever-changing needs of a company in constant expansion as DeNexus.


· Based in the USA

· Occasional travel to San Francisco, USA

Full Time

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