January 29, 2021 Sr. Algorithms Backend Engineer

Who are we?

Do you want to build software that cracks cybercrimes and paralyzes Mr. Robot in his tracks? Do you dare to read the minds of hackers and predict the next nation-state cyberattack? If so, then you belong at Denexus!

DeNexus is what happens when machine learning meets threat hunting. We are a team of visionary engineers scrambling to defend the world using data science. Our mission is to model and stop industrial cyber catastrophes like nuclear explosions and electrical blackouts. If you catch yourself questioning the realstory behind Stuxnet or how many new exploit kits get sold each year in the underground cyber market, then join us in developing the world’s first statistical engine for measuring industrial cyber risk.

Attacks are fast evolving. Defense starts with a true understanding of the system at risk.

Duties and responsibilities

As a backend engineer, you love real world modeling and algorithmic optimization. You’re always hungry to turn seemingly impossible business problems into possible and elegant computational problems. When challenged with a new problem you are able to come up with a possible solution fast, implement seamlessly, and back-test.

The ideal candidate has solid prior background in solving hard algorithmic problems, such as from the self-driving car, robotics, industrial automation, and quantitative finance industries (high-frequency trading, statistical arbitrage hedge funds, etc.), as well as being comfortable quantifying the uncertainty in these results.


· Implement time-based pattern recognition algorithms to detect cyber-attack sequences

· Optimize probabilistic graph models to predict event occurrences

· Turn behavioral detection rules and signatures from plain English into software plugins


· Expertise in data structures and algorithms is a must

· Familiarity with Bayesian modelling is a must

· Fluency programming is a must (you will be mainly using Python)

· Experience with machine learning (Neural networks, boosted trees, SVMs) is a plus

· Experience building APIs in Django or Flask is a plus

· Experience with NoSQL, SQL, and graph databases like MongoDB, Postgres, and Neo4j is a plus


· Based in Madrid, Spain

· Occasional travel to San Francisco, USA

Full Time

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