VP of Engineering

Who are we?

Denexus' mission is to build the global standard for Cyber Risk Quantification and unlocking the Risk Capital Markets to underwrite cyber risk at scale.

Join us in developing the world's first statistical engine for measuring industrial cyber risk.

Duties and responsibilities

Design, continually analyze, improve and lead the implementation of our software architecture.

Lead and scale the development teams according to the architecture and business needs.

Support the business strategy translating business needs into technical drivers.

Ensure all the interdependencies between systems composing the architecture are always well understood so the teams deliver what the business needs.

Ensure compliance with architecture decisions and design principles.

Document all technology and architectural decisions. Balance their trade-offs in line with overarching business goals.

Improve the Continuous Delivery pipeline and related processes so:

• The business delivers quality software at a fast pace.

• The software architecture and its components can absorb high rates of change.

• Components get daily commits and it is ensured that the product always remains in a high quality releasable state.

Set the development guidelines and lead code reviews.


• Expertise in designing and building highly scalable, low latency analytics systems with different cloud-service providers.

• Experience with OLAP technologies, big data pipelines, ETL stacks and stream/batch processing tools.

• Expertise in database design and selection (deep understanding of relational vs. non-relational vs. graph databases and the tradeoffs and use cases of each structure).

• Experience with Continuous Delivery pipelines; CI/CD process and tools, testing frameworks and best practices. Experience with containers and their orchestration, streaming and message queues, distributed caching as well as log-aggregation and monitoring tools.

• Experience leading and scaling development teams, locally and/or remotely.

• Business domain knowledge (Cybersecurity, ICS and OT systems and/or Insurance) is a plus.

DeNexus highly values that the VP of Engineering…

• Is not an Ivory Tower architect. Working hand-in-hand with the development team, coaching members and coding with them is expected.

• Keeps always current with latest technology and industry trends.

• Possesses exceptional interpersonal skills, including teamwork, facilitation, and leadership.


• Based in Madrid, Spain

• Occasional travel to San Francisco, USA

Full Time

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