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DeRISK InsuranceDeRISK Insurance. Part of the DeRISK Platform.

A solution designed for cyber risk insurance providers.

DeRISK Insurance. SaaS Platform to solve cyber risk

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Quantify and model the cyber risk of companies in your portfolio with DeRISK. A cloud-based, evidence-driven Bayesian cyber risk quantification platform that automatically adjusts to each enterprise.

Risk analysis results of all clients are clustered by sector and geography to derive the predictive drivers of loss.

Key benefits

Expand Revenue Streams with DeRISKExpand Market Access: Augment cyber underwriting processes to enable new cyber (re)insurance offerings and services

Control and Manage Policy: Leverage consistent policy options for industrial clients and risk (re)insurers

Defend you operation with DeRISK IndustrialProtect Supply Capacity: Enable supply capacity for direct coverage and protection for systemic risk events

Target Capital Allocation: Identify pragmatic accumulation assessment and control measures against Value at Risk (VaR)

Gain Capital Access: Utilize detailed analysis of risk exposure to design attractive financial instruments for investors.

Risk modeling powered by evidence-based data

Data Lake

  • Assets, software, firmware, configurations
  • Existing Vulnerabilities
  • Existing Security Controls
  • Threat Vectors & TTPs
  • DNS Intelligence
  • Botnet Intelligence
  • Supply-chain compromise

Data Processing

  • Probabilistic Bayesian inference
  • Machine Learning
  • Portfolio aggregation
  • Data Clustering by sector and geography


  • Risk assessment based on auditable trusted numbers
  • Consistent policy options
  • Automatic customization per client
  • Augmentation of cyber underwriting
  • The supply capacity required for direct coverage, and the protection for systemic events
  • Access to alternative Risk Capital