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                                      Online Event

                                      Rising Russian Tensions: Impact and Considerations for ICS & OT Asset Owners 

                                      + Security Hot Ones Challenge

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                                      February 24th  @12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) 


                                      • Panel Discussion (40-Minutes)
                                        US and Russian cybersecurity leaders discuss considerations for ICS and OT asset owners. 
                                      • Fun Factor: Security Hot Ones

                                        Join the Security Hot Ones challenge with your own Hot Ones Sampler Kit provided by DeNexus and Forescout as the Forescout CTO (Rob McNutt) puts Shawn Taylor on the hot-seat with even hotter wings for the Security Hot Ones Challenge. 


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                                      Panel Discussion:  40-Minutes

                                      Rising Russian Tensions: Impact and Considerations for ICS and OT Asset Owners 

                                      Attendees will walk away with tactical steps their organizations can take to protect their critical infrastructure and industrial control system (ICS) networks. How to be prepared, enhance their organizations security posture, and create heightened vigilance. Plus, real life stories/advice from someone that has come out on the other side of these cyber-attacks.  


                                      Panel Members

                                      Shawn Taylor

                                      Shawn Taylor

                                      VP of Threat Defense, Forescout

                                      Based in D.C. - United States. Former Global Technical Account Manager at BMC Software. Background in Cybersecurity, Biometrics, IT/OT Operations and IT/OT Asset Management.


                                      Vladimir Dashchenko

                                      VP of Threat Intelligence, DeNexus

                                      Based in Moscow, Russia. Former Head of ICS CERT Research at Kaspersky with years of experience in cyber threat research.

                                      Daniel Johnson CISSP DeNexus

                                      Daniel Johnson

                                      Principal Delivery Engineer, DeNexus

                                      Based Spokane, WA - Unites States. Former network and controls supervisor at a geo-thermal plant and Forescout Sales Engineer.

                                      Ken Young - COO at Apex Clean Energy and DeNexus Customer

                                      Ken Young

                                      COO, Apex Clean Energy

                                      Based in Charlottesville, VA - Unites States. Former Chief Programs Manager at Vestas and Director of Asset Management at NaturEner.