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DeRISK IndustrialDeRISK Industrial. Part of the DeRISK Platform.

A solution designed for industrial enterprises.

DeRISK Industrial = SaaS to solve cyber risk for ICS and OT

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Identify, quantify, mitigate and hedge cyber risk exposure with the DeRISK© SaaS platform.

Key benefits

Value Your Cyber Risk: Know your financial risk associated to make the right capital allocations

Defend you operation with DeRISK IndustrialDefend Your Operation: Build better cyber defense strategies with detailed posture assessments

Mitigate Cyber Risk for ICS/OT Mitigate Risk Exposure:  Leverage the DeNexus Knowledge Center for detailed attack-path mapping

UI and UX of DeRISKLeverage Intuitive Interfaces: Reduce cyber risk with hundreds of visualizations built for the industrial asset owner in mind

ROI-based decision in cybersecurity are keyImplement ROI-based Cybersecurity: Measure the financial impact of different mitigations and optimize capital allocation

Risk modeling powered by evidence-based data

Data Lake

  • Assets, software, firmware, configurations
  • Existing Vulnerabilities
  • Existing Security Controls
  • Threat Vectors & TTPs
  • DNS Intelligence
  • Botnet Intelligence
  • Supply-chain compromise

Data Processing

  • Probabilistic Bayesian inference
  • Machine Learning
  • Portfolio aggregation
  • Data Clustering by sector and geography


  • Identification of cyber risk exposure and value at risk for the Board
  • Automatic and continuous risk tracking
  • ROI-based mitigation
  • Prioritization of mitigation efforts
  • Appropriate and fair risk transfer