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Get the support your organization needs to assess and quantify the ever increasing cyber threats to the industrial assets in your company and ensure cross-functional accountability with our DeRISK© SaaS platform.

A solution designed for industrial enterprises

Key benefits

Understand your topology, vulnerability and attack mapping

Predict the likelihood of exploitation

Estimate the financial impact to your business

Track risk automatically and continuously

Prioritize ROI-based mitigation actions

Facilitate a fair and appropiate risk transfer

Risk modeling powered by evidence-based data

Data Lake

  • Assets, software, firmware, configurations
  • Existing Vulnerabilities
  • Existing Security Controls
  • Threat Vectors & TTPs
  • DNS Intelligence
  • Botnet Intelligence
  • Supply-chain compromise

Data Processing

  • Probabilistic Bayesian inference
  • Machine Learning
  • Portfolio aggregation
  • Data Clustering by sector and geography


  • Identification of cyber risk exposure and value at risk for the Board
  • Automatic and continuous risk tracking
  • ROI-based mitigation
  • Prioritization of mitigation efforts
  • Appropriate and fair risk transfer