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July 2022 | Volume 1


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July Newsletter-2

The Journey to Net Zero Needs the Support of Greater Cyber Risk Capital

Cyber risk capital for renewable energy assets is at a critically low level, but the insurance-linked securities (ILS) community could bridge the gap, expanding risk capital and the scope of both traditional indemnity and parametric cyber products.  Read more here.


July Newsletter-2

Introducing DeRISK v5.0

DeNexus' cyber risk quantification software is getting a revamp, with the newest version coming out later this summer!  With better graphics, data, and readability DeRISK v5.0 makes quantifying your cyber risk even easier. Find out more here.

OT Cyber Risk News

Why Cybersecurity Is Now A Board-Level Leadership Imperative

Cybersecurity is not just a technology problem—it never was. It is a problem rooted in culture and governance, which happens to have a technology dimension like almost everything large enterprises do. Getting the governance right from the top down around cybersecurity is a leadership matter—which fits perfectly in a board agenda—and the necessary start to embed the right business protection culture in each and every corporate silo. Read more here.


July Newsletter-2

Upcoming Events

RVS Monte Carlo
DeNexus will be at RVS Monte Carlo 2022!

Back with a bang this year, join DeNexus in Monte Carlo to learn more about insurance and reinsurance, and to meet the biggest players in the market.  Book a meeting here.

July Newsletter

Meet the Team

Ismael Martinez Delgado

DeNexus is launching a series of ever-improving cyber models, which are aimed at helping industrial organizations, underwriters, reinsurers, and ILS investors fully understand the real risks associated with cyber breaches - creating a level playing field for all the stakeholders.

Here are the people behind the technology working to develop credible modeling to quantify cyber risk and develop a cyber-ILS market. Read more here.

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