June 1, 2021 DeNexus announces new additions to its Technical Advisory Board

Isabel Fernández, PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Master’s Degree in Risk Management (GARP), is currently Rector of Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio, Spain. Previous to this, she was Managing Director & Lead of Advanced Analytics Iberia and Israel in Accenture, president of Artificial Intelligent and Big Data Commission of AMETIC, Rector at different universities of Laureate International Universities and general manager in several analytics companies.

Isabel’s role as a researcher began in the lines of Machine Learning and Chaos Theory.  After that, she continues her career focused on Customer Centric and how Artificial Intelligence and digital business models bring cost efficiencies, engaged employees and loyal customers. 

Patrick Miller has dedicated his career to the protection and defense of critical infrastructures as a trusted independent security and regulatory advisor. He is the CEO of Ampere Industrial Security, as well as the founder, director and president emeritus of EnergySec and US Coordinator for the Industrial Cybersecurity Center. Patrick’s diverse background spans the Energy, Telecommunications, Water and Financial Services verticals including key positions with regulatory agencies, private consulting firms, utility asset owners and commercial organizations.

Fermin J. Serna is a Computer Science Engineer and currently serves as Citrix CISO overseeing the overall security program and protecting a company serving more than 400.000 customers. Previously Fermin held positions like Semmle’s CSO, Head of Product security at Google and at Microsoft’s MSRC Engineering team.

Fermin has 20+ years of experience in the security industry and has found and published multiple security vulnerabilities on software developed by Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Oracle, … Fermin is also a regular speaker at security conferences such as BlackHat, Syscan, Bluehat, H2HC, Rootecon, DeepSec, Source, Summercon, …

Isabel, Patrick and Fermin join Eric Byres in DeNexus’ Technical Advisory Board to inform strategic decisions on our mission of building the global standard of industrial cyber risk quantification for agencies, shareholders, investors and boards.