August 3, 2021 DeNexus Expands Global Marketing Organization Following Initial Funding Round

Thomas Nuth, Cybersecurity leader for ICS/OT

Sausalito, CA: DeNexus is proud to announce that Thomas Nuth has joined DeNexus as the Global Vice President of Marketing. DeNexus will leverage Thomas’ rich technical and product marketing experience within cybersecurity, SaaS and industrial networking fields. As the lead of the DeNexus marketing organization, Thomas will be chartered with shaping and enabling fast-growing partner networks, as well as sales and field engineering teams across the globe.

DeNexus is a game-changer when it comes to managing cyber risk. Throughout my career, industrial asset owners and CISO alike have always struggled to find a clear answer when it came to valuing the true business impact of their cyber risk exposure at any point of time.  For cybersecurity stakeholders across various industrial verticals today, answering this question accurately is critical – and at DeNexus, we answer this question better than anyone else. In an era where OT/ICS infrastructure is constantly under attack, quantifying and managing cyber risk is a requirement for international (re)insurers, industrial asset owners and cybersecurity innovators alike. I am extremely proud to be a part of this organization and excited for the future. – Thomas Nuth

Prior to DeNexus, Thomas served in various leadership roles within marketing and product marketing at Fortinet, (SecurityMatters Bv) Forescout Technologies, Nozomi Networks, Moxa Technologies, and Belden Inc. With over 12 years of experience in building and launching innovative security product and solutions to a wide array of enterprise and industrial verticals, we are excited to have Thomas Nuth as part of the DeNexus leadership team.

This key addition to the executive team comes with the recent seed funding of DeNexus from key investors within Technology, Industrial Cybersecurity and InsurTech. To read more about the initial funding of DeNexus, read our press release here.

About DeNexus:

DeNexus is the leading provider of cyber risk modeling for industrial networks. Our mission is to build the global standard for industrial cyber risk quantification. Our flagship platform, DeRISK, is the world’s first self-adaptive software platform that using evidence-based data predicts where and how breaches are likely to occur in unique client contexts, translating that information into dollars at risk. Fortune 500 companies, from power generation to manufacturing to other critical infrastructure, rely on DeNexus to understand their bespoke cybersecurity economics and optimize their risk-reduction ROI.

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