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DeNexus delivers a full-stack cyber risk quantification and management solution uniquely tailored to industrial sectors: energy, manufacturing, data centers, transportation and critical infrastructures with Operational Technology (OT).

The company empowers stakeholders in cyber risk — CISOs, risk managers, executives, boards of directors, and insurers — to grasp the financial impact of cyber incidents and optimize cybersecurity programs.

Employing internal and external data, AI and millions of simulation runs, DeNexus calculates the likelihood of cyber events, quantifies risk in financial terms and identifies most effective risk mitigation strategies.

DeNexus is trusted by Global 1000 companies across three continents offering an evidence-based methodology to optimize cybersecurity investments and reduce/transfer risk.


Why DeNexus

As an entrepreneur building critical infrastructure companies across Europe and North America, DeNexus’ founder and CEO, Jose Seara, grew increasingly concerned about the financial impact of cyber risk: he couldn’t find any solution to measure his company’s cyber risk, nor any insurance to cover it.

Why? Because they did not exist. The risk industry has not caught up with the proliferation of cyber attacks that cost businesses millions of dollars every year.

This led to DeNexus. Jose assembled a team of cybersecurity, insurance, AI and software engineering experts to deliver the first end-to-end cyber risk quantification and management solution dedicated to the industrial sector.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DeNexus is headquartered in Boston, MA with an international team of data scientists and software engineers in Spain and Switzerland, market-facing teams close to customers in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East and risk transfer in the UK.

We value different perspectives and cultures. With 30% of our workforce comprised of talented and empowered women, we champion diversity. We are committed to solve one of the top threats to the global economy: cyber threats targeting critical infrastructures.

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