DeNexus Knowledge Center

DeNexus Knowledge Center (DKC) is the ‘brain’ of the DeRISK platform representing the state-of-the-art in Cyber Risk Quantification and Management.

The Data Difference

This is where DeRISK data, insights and intelligence reside.

DKC hosts critical asset data from OT networks (Inside-out data) together with public, private, and proprietary threat intelligence, cyber incidents, and loss data (Outside-in data) to provide stakeholders with the most credible and accurate view of their industrial assets' cyber risk.

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How It Works

Evidence-Based Industry Data

With evidence-based data specific to each industry sector, DeNexus enriches every organization's cyber risk data and unlocks insights such as:

  • Industry peer comparisons
  • Cyber threats and losses trends
  • Definition and impact of mitigation projects
  • Portfolios and risk accumulation analysis

40+ Data Sources to Estimate Losses

DKC is a unique cyber risk knowledge base for OT environments that brings together a 360° view of cyber risk. Augmented with structured and unstructured data from public, private and proprietary threat intelligence, and cyber incident data sources, DKC holds data, indicators and lessons learned from risk assessments, real cyber incidents, and portfolio analysis

Collected data can be grouped into five categories:
Inside Data | Outside Data | Firmographics and Financial Data | Cyber Incidents Data | Metadata

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The Realm of Cyber Threats

DKC describes the cyber threats related to an organization, from the adversary side of the equation, using attack surface information, what threat actors can view of the organization and its employees, intelligence about the threat actors themselves, supply chain exposures and dark web data.

DKC incorporates data about past incidents studied by the cyber community with detailed descriptions of attack techniques and exploited vulnerabilities of specific technologies.


Effective Data Governance

DeNexus keeps critical data assets stored in DKC safe, secure, and compliant with the most stringent regulations using a combination of:

  • Data integrity, encryption, and anonymization tools
  • Security standards and certifications
  • Trusted and certified infrastructure
  • Strict policies and procedures

That enables strict control over the storage and the dissemination of cyber data.


Data Integrity

Data quality and integrity is always the priority at DeNexus. Data validation checks, checksums, and data profiling tools ensure data accuracy, consistency and reliability. Monitoring data access and changes is essential for maintaining trust. The DeNexus team implements comprehensive data auditing and monitoring systems for real-time detection of suspicious activities.