Risk Management Services

Get support and advice from the DeNexus team of experts in industrial cyber risk.

Expert Services on OT Cyber Risk Management

DeNexus' experts in industrial cyber risk will actively support the deployment of DeRISK at your organization and transfer knowledge or even operate the platform on your behalf so that you benefit from continuous updates and monitoring of cyber risk metrics.

The team is also available to address any customized needs that might emerge as DeRISK gets deployed. 


Available Services

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Deployment of our platform, onboarding of users and configuration of DeRISK for your organization and industry sector. 

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Data Collection and Ingestion

Ingestion of your company specific data through a templatized process. Our team works with yours on the initial setup of risk data.

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Ecosystem Integration

Integration and validation that data from cybersecurity vendors commonly deployed in OT environments can flow at set frequency.

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Monthly/Quarterly Risk Reports and Operational Meetings

Joint review of findings, threats, vulnerabilities, risk reduction strategies and anything that might impact your cyber risk posture.

Proactive Risk Management

Proactive Risk Management

If running DeRISK on your behalf, we will handle data updates and proactively monitor for you any change in your risk posture.

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Risk Mitigation Simulations

Using years of OT risk management, our team can run risk mitigation simulations to identify and optimize opportunities for risk reduction and their ROI.


The DeNexus professional services team has templatized the deployment of the DeRISK platform and follows carefully crafted project templates and timelines so that you are always informed and in-the-know about project schedule, blockers, and expected results.

Team Expertise

The team consists of seasoned cybersecurity and cyber risk management experts who have hands-on experience managing cybersecurity at OT/ICS operations and working with cybersecurity or site managers to optimize risk mitigation.