CRQM for Data Center Ecosystems

Securing OT systems in an expanding attack surface
for cloud data centers.

Cyber Risks in Data Center Operations

  • The growth of AI and edge computing is increasing demand for computational power and data storage and driving an expansion of data center ecosystems worldwide.
  • Standards like TIA-942, ASHRAE, and the Uptime Institute focus on redundancy and resiliency, but more is needed for cyber security of interconnected IT, IoT, and OT systems.
  • There is a need to secure a rapidly expanding attack surface of critical physical assets.

DeNexus' DeRISK for Data Center Ecosystems

Quantifies & Manages

DeNexus’ DeRISK Cyber Risk Quantification & Management (CRQM) platform enables owners of data center facilities to more efficiently manage their attack surface.

Aggregates Data

DeRISK aggregates key cyber risk data from both inside-out and outside-in data sources.

Seamless Integration

DeNexus integrates these metrics seamlessly with data from different passive OT monitoring using frameworks such as NIST CSF, ISO 27001, and DNX CSF (DeNexus proprietary Cybersecurity Framework).


How It Works

Data-Driven Cybersecurity Insights

DeRISK enriches inside-out and outside-in datasets by incorporating business operational metrics specific to data centers—energy consumption rates, system availability, and cooling efficiency ratios.

These metrics enable organizations to derive more nuanced insights into their overall risk profile, combining data from cybersecurity and OT (Operational Technology).

3-DeRISK dashboard risk analysis v1_DESKTOP

DeRISK Cyber Project Simulator

The DeRISK platform translates cyber security insights into quantifiable cyber risks, allowing for well-informed, strategic decision-making on cybersecurity investments facilitated by DeRISK Cyber Project Simulator.

Better alignment between organizational goals and risk tolerance improves the security posture to meet the high standards of leading industry guidelines.

5-TBTL DeRISK exec report mitigation optimization v1_IPAD

DeRISK: OT Cyber Risk Solutions for Data Center Ecosystem

DeRISK is purpose-built for ICS and OT environments, allowing cyber risk leaders at the global and regional datacenter level to align cybersecurity strategies with the board room. See How >

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