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Data Security is Our Priority

The security of our customer operations and their data is always our priority. We continue to invest in security certifications and in the protection and privacy of the data we process as we expand and address emerging needs from new and existing customers.

DeNexus is SOC 2 Type II certified and follows robust standards to establish and maintain trust.

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DeNexus' DeRISK for Data Center Ecosystems

The DeNexus team is committed to the safe collection, storage, and transfer of sensitive cyber data from physical critical infrastructures through a combination of processes and organizational.

By adhering to these best practices, DeNexus safeguards collected data and enhances its reputation and credibility as a trusted data custodian in an increasingly security and privacy conscious world.


Security Controls and Governance

DeNexus applies industry's best practices to maintain the upmost level of security.

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Data Governance

Precise data governance processes are implemented to control how we manage data throughout its lifecycle. This includes data lineage, encryption, retention policies, data archival, and data disposal procedures to minimize the risk of data leaks or unauthorized access.

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Access Control

Controlling who can access what data is crucial. We use role-based access control (RBAC) and attribute-based access control (ABAC) to grant permissions based on predefined roles or attributes. Fine-grained access control ensures that only authorized individuals or systems can access specific data.

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Data Encryption

With multi-key encryption, data is encrypted at rest and in transit using different keys. Even if one key is compromised, the data remains secure because attackers need access to all keys to decrypt it.

Multi-key encryption ensures that DeNexus and its customers have control over their encryption keys and that data sovereignty remains within their jurisdiction and under their control.

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Data Lineage

Data lineage records precisely where data originates, how it is transformed, and where it is ultimately consumed. Tracking and visualization provides full transparency as the data moves through processes and systems.

Transparency throughout the data journey provides accountability and fosters a data trust and security culture amongst all stakeholders, while multi-key encryption safeguards the data.

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Data Security

Technical failures and disasters can disrupt data ecosystems. We implement robust disaster recovery and backup strategies to ensure data availability and integrity. This includes automated failover mechanisms and off-site backups.

Employee training on data security is mandatory at DeNexus because technical measures alone are not enough.

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Secure Data Sharing

Sharing data across organizational boundaries is often necessary. We implement secure sharing mechanisms through APIs with OAuth2 authentication, ensuring that data is shared only with authorized parties and remains protected during transit.

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Data Integrity

Data quality and integrity is paramount. Data validation checks, checksums, and data profiling tools ensure data accuracy, consistency, and reliability. Data auditing and monitoring systems allow for real-time detection of suspicious activities.

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