CRQM for Energy Transmission & Distribution

With Cyber Risk Quantification & Management (CRQM), Energy Transmission & Distribution (T&D) facilities know where to focus cyber resilience efforts.

Cyber Risks in Energy T&D

Energy T&D systems are being relentlessly targeted by cyber attacks which have potentially high costs, disrupting multiple critical aspects of the economy.

Attacks can range from sophisticated and dedicated to common phishing-driven incidents - all with potentially catastrophic consequences.

The T&D sector differs from other industrial settings with its exceptional stability and resilience. Above all, it places utmost importance on ensuring a constant and uninterrupted supply of electricity.


DeNexus' DeRISK for Energy T&D

The DeRISK platform applies modern Cyber Risk techniques to the new era of smart T&D grids to provide answers to crucial questions like:

  • How much cyber risk do I carry in my T&D company’s Balance Sheet?
  • How can I measure the efficacy of my cybersecurity programs?
  • Which risk mitigation project should I prioritize?
The answer is DeRISK.

DeRISK accounts for the operational nuances of the T&D assets and allows CISOs and CFOS to proactively manage risk and maintain a secure, efficient and resilient energy grid.


How DeRISK for Transmission and Distribution Works

Data-Driven Cyber Risk Insights

The DeRISK platform quantifies Cyber Risk and helps T&D companies manage cyber risks on their energy grid.

DeRisk combines Inside-out data from seamlessly integrated passive and active monitoring solutions with Outside-in data, Threat Intelligence and business data about the grid operator(s).

Ingested data is then mapped to common standards - NIST CSF, ISO 27001, or DNX CSF (DeNexus' proprietary Cyber Security Framework).


Inside-Out Data and Cascading Effect

Using Inside-out data, DeRISK identifies and quantifies the cyber risk associated with each substation in a T&D system, including the criticality of each substation and the potential cascading effect of each of them on the rest of the grid, so that the potential impact in certain areas or zones can be captured with reliability.

When it comes to cyber risk accumulation, DeRISK analyzes the co-exposure and interactions of the different substations, capturing the cyber risk accumulation at the portfolio level in a holistic and comprehensive way.


DeRISK Project Simulator

Using AI, ML, and Probabilistic Inference with operational metrics specific to T&D assets, the ingested data safely is normalized, safely stored and used to model a detailed risk profile of the grid operator.

The DeRISK Project Simulator runs what-if scenarios on proposed risk mitigation strategies delivering financial metrics to compare projects and evaluate them based on required investment on substations Operational Technology and expected risk reduction.


Optimizing Cybersecurity Investments

The DeRISK platform translates cybersecurity insights into quantifiable cyber risks, allowing for well-informed, strategic decision-making on cybersecurity investments.

Better alignment between organizational goals and risk tolerance improves the security posture of the organization to meet the high standards of industry guidelines.

3-DeRISK dashboard risk analysis v1_DESKTOP

DeRISK: OT Cyber Risk Solutions for Transmission and Distribution

DeRISK is purpose-built for ICS and OT environments, allowing cyber risk leaders at the substation, control center, and corporate level align cybersecurity strategies with the board room. See How >

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