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CRQM for
Transmission and Distribution

Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity in T&D facilities has become a must, forcing teams to rethink systems from a cybersecurity prism. T&D facilities stand as prime targets for cyber attacks - it is not about if, but about when.

Cyber risks in Energy Transmission and Distribution (T&D) 

Energy T&D systems are targeted by cyber attacks from nation-states, cybercriminal groups, and activists. Such attacks have potentially high costs, disrupting multiple critical aspects of the economy.

Attacks can range from sophisticated and dedicated attacks to common ransomware incidents with potentially catastrophic consequences.

The T&D landscape differs from other industrial settings with its exceptional conservatism, resilience, and stability. Above all, it places utmost importance on ensuring a constant and uninterrupted supply of electricity.

DeNexus' DeRISK for Transmission and Distribution

DeNexus’ DeRISK platform applies modern Cyber Risk Quantification and Management techniques to the new era of smart T&D grids. DeRISK provides answers to crucial questions like:

  • How much cyber risk do I carry in my electrical T&D company’s Balance Sheet?
  • How can I measure the efficacy of my cybersecurity programs?
The answer is DeRISK.
Cyber risks in the Transmission and Distribution (T&D) industry

How DeRISK for Transmission and Distribution works

Data-driven cybersecurity insights 

DeNexus' DeRISK Cyber Risk Quantification and Management (CRQM) platform performs quantification and management of cyber risks for industrial organizations in T&D facilities combining data entered from standards such as NIST CSF,  ISO 27001, and DNX CSF (DeNexus' proprietary Cyber Security Framework), with Inside-out data seamlessly integrated from various passive and active monitoring solutions, and Outside-in Threat  Intelligence and business data about the facility, its owner and its operator(s).

Transmission and Distribution - Data-driven cybersecurity insights 

DeRISK Cyber Project Simulator

Using AI, ML, and Probabilistic Inference with operational metrics specific to T&D assets, the integrated data safely is stored in the DeNexus Trusted Ecosystem which powers DeRISK, delivering an enriched understanding of the overall risk profile.

It enables decisions to be made from the convergence of cyber business metrics, substation Operational Technology and Cybersecurity, so that 
T&D organizations can holistically address the threats facing them from a technical and business standpoint, bridging internal silos and communication challenges.

Transmission and Distribution organizations can holistically address the threats facing them from a technical and business standpoint, bridging internal silos and communication challenges.

Inside-out data and Cascading effect

Using Inside-out data, DeRISK identifies and quantifies the cyber risk associated with each substation in a T&D system, including the criticality of each substation and the potential cascading effect of each of them on the rest of the grid, so that the potential impact in certain areas or zones can be captured with reliability.

When it comes to cyber risk accumulationDeRISK analyzes the co-exposure and interactions of the different substations, capturing the cyber risk accumulation at the portfolio level in a holistic and comprehensive way.

Transmission and Distribution - Inside-out data and Cascading effect

DeRISK Cyber Project Simulator

The DeRISK platform translates cyber security insights into quantifiable cyber risks, allowing for well-informed, strategic decision-making on cybersecurity investments facilitated by DeRISK Cyber Project Simulator. 

Better alignment between organizational goals and risk tolerance improves the security posture to meet the high standards of leading industry guidelines.

Trasmission and Distribution - DeRISK Cyber Project Simulator



OT Cyber Risk Solutions for Transmission and Distribution. 

DeRISK is purpose-built for ICS and OT environments, allowing cyber risk leaders at the field and plant level align cybersecurity strategies with the board room. 

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