Welcome to DeRISK

 DeRISK is the world’s first evidence-based, data-driven, real-time, cloud-based technology that helps gain visibility into your actual OT asset exposure leveraging critical Inside Data that enables detailed, bottom-up, portfolio-level cyber risk modeling.


Stop Guessing.
Know the Financial Impact of Cyber Risk

Save money with the advanced analytics and ROI-based risk reduction strategies in DeRISK, our second-generation cyber risk quantification and management tool for large industrial facilities, OT service providers, and the cyber risk transfer market. 

DeRISK delivers the most accurate and credible Industrial OT Cyber Risk Exposure, Probability of Loss, Financial Impact of Cyber Events, and the ROI-based Mitigation Options to reduce cyber risk over time.

Provide executive risk stakeholders with the business impact of cyber exposure in continuous and real-time dashboards to inform investments in cyber risk management and cyber risk transfer.

How it works

The power of DeRISK is grounded in a unique set cloud-based technologies that helps gain visibility into a large OT facilities actual asset exposure using data from INSIDE the clients OT network.

This critical Inside Data together with Outside threat-intel data enables detailed, bottom-up, portfolio-level cyber risk modeling.

Applying a unique combination of cutting-edge modeling techniques to this data on a continuous basis delivers significantly more accurate quantification outcomes than traditional, point-in-time, questionnaire-based assessments.

Financial risk outcomes are auditable and provide clarity about the total financial consequences of a cyber loss event.

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