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Cyber Risk Quantification & Management

DeRISK is the only evidence-based, data-driven platform that gives OT industrial stakeholders visibility to a facility’s Exposure to cyber events, calculations of Probability, Financial Impact of potential cyber events, and delivers the ROI-based Mitigation Options available to reduce cyber risk over time.



DeRISK  Platform

The DeRISK  platform empowers business executives to make continuously better industrial cyber risk decisions. 

DeRISK by DeNexus sets a new standard in industrial cyber risk management. It’s the only platform that contextualizes inside-out and outside-in cyber risk data with organization-specific industrial processes. As a result, it’s the only solution that empowers executives to make reliably informed cyber risk management decisions and allocate cyber resources more effectively.

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DeRISK  Cyber Risk Quantification & Management

Key Capabilities and Functions

Attack-Path Mapping Interface

Account-based, end-to-end mapping of potential attack and loss events with hundreds of actionable attack graphs

Dynamic Risk Aggregation

Collect asset and intrusions related information from dynamic host information flows, as well as threat intelligence sources

Protect Supply Capacity

Enable supply capacity for direct coverage and protection for systemic risk events

Risk Scenario Modeling

Detailed, dynamic vulnerability analysis with environmental and industry context with risk mitigation options

DeRISK Run-through 

DeRISK offers a uniquely integrated set of data from external sources and from the organization’s internal OT (Operational Technology) infrastructure. This enables executives to make reliably informed cyber risk management decisions and allocate cyber resources more effectively, based on credible data. In addition, DeRISK 5.0’s new intuitive user interface makes it easy to extract actionable cyber risk insight.

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DeRISK for ICS/OT Asset Owners

DeRISK sources and aggregates threat intel and cybersecurity data from disparate tools across of the extended enterprise to value the business impact of cyber risk. Using a Bayesian approach, risk leaders can achieve an actionable approach to cyber risk assessment that bridges the gap between the control room, board room and shareholders.

Understand your cyber risk exposure

DeRISK allows ICS/OT cybersecurity stakeholders to value and plan for the amount of cyber risk exposure that is optimum for their organization in nominal financial terms. 

DeRISK - Understand your cyber risk exposure

Identify cyber threat sources

DeRISK identifies where your cyber risk is coming from so that organizations can better mitigate and thwart cyber risk contributors. 

DeRISK - Identify cyber threat sources

Answer the "Money Question" 

DeRISK allows ICS and OT leaders to measure the business impact of cyber risk at all times to better guide investments in cybersecurity and insurance. 

DeRISK - measure the business impact of cyber risk
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What outcome would benefit your business the most? 


Value Your Cyber Risk

Know your financial risk associated with every cyber risk at all times to make the right capital allocations

Defend Your Operation

Build better cyber defense strategies with detailed posture assessments of your entire operation

Mitigate Risk Exposure

Leverage the DeNexusKnowledge Center for detailed attack-path mapping

Build ROI-based Cybersecurity

Measure the financial impact of different mitigations and optimize capital allocation

Optimize SOC Activity

Reduce cyber risk with hundreds of visualizations built for the industrial asset owner in mind

How DeRISK works

Operational Technology

Inside-Data & Outside-Data

  • Assets, software, firmware, configurations
  • Existing Vulnerabilities
  • Existing Security Controls
  • Threat Vectors & TTPs
  • DNS Intelligence
  • Botnet Intelligence
  • Supply-chain compromise
DeRISK - Operational Technology Inside-Data & Outside-Data


Data Modeling & Processing 

  • Probabilistic Bayesian inference
  • Machine Learning
  • Portfolio aggregation
  • Data Clustering by sector and geography
DeRISK SaaS Platform to reduce and manage cyber risk


Cyber Risk Enablement

  • Business-impact assessment of cyber risk exposure
  • Prioritization of threat mitigation efforts
  • Optimized ROI-based cybersecurity investment
  • Continuous risk exposure tracking over-time
  • Calculated cyber risk transfer valuations for the board 
DeRISK - Prioritization of threat mitigation efforts

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