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DeRISK Insurance

Answer the money question when it comes to cyber risk for (re)insurance and ILS investors 

DeRISK Insurance. Part of the DeRISK Platform.

DeRISK Insurance quantifies cyber risk of industrial enterprise clients and client portfolios for underwriters. Using industry accepted cybersecurity frameworks, DeRISK feeds data through standardized processes to provide  probability analysis and financial impact of diverse threat scenarios. Risk analysis results of all clients are clustered by sector and geography to derive the predictive drivers of loss purpose-built for the (re)insurance and Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) markets.

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Key Capabilities and Functions

Attack-Path Mapping Interface

Account-based, end-to-end mapping of potential attack and loss events with hundreds of actionable attack graphs

Dynamic Risk Aggregation

Collect asset and intrusions related information from dynamic host information flows, as well as threat intelligence sources

Risk Capacity & Consistency Management 

Enable supply capacity for direct coverage and protection for systemic risk events

Risk Scenario Modeling

Detailed, dynamic vulnerability analysis with environmental and industry context for greater precision in risk pricing


DeRISK Run-through 

With DeRISK, (re)insurers and ILS investors can leverage comprehensive risk models to assess every client (both current and future) within their portfolio which enables quantification of risk exposure, target capital allocation, loss reserve calculation, line or investment sizing and return estimations.

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DeRISK for (Re)insurers and ILS Investors

With DeRISK Insurance, DeNexus transforms cyber risk into manageable insights using continuously informed evidence-based Bayesian modeling. Risk stakeholders can now source and orchestrate data feeds from key operational areas critical for (re)insurance organizations underwriting cyber risk. 

Understand portfolio risk exposure

DeRISK allows (re)insurers and ILS investors to value and plan for the amount of cyber risk exposure that is optimum for their organization. 

Inputs - Impact Overrides = Beta

Analyze loss exposure and IaVs

DeRISK provides (re)insurers and ILS investors with visibility into loss exposures, risk structuring options and nominal cost associated with all Initial Access Vectors (IaVs) of cyber threats. 


Value cyber risk, and how it evolves

DeRISK guides (re)insurers and ILS investors with the expected loss, probable maximum loss (PML), Value at Risk (VaR), tail risk and much more associated with individual clients and risk portfolios. 

Risk Overview - Loss Distribution
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What outcome would benefit your business the most? 


Enable Business Growth

Augment cyber underwriting processes to enable new (re)insurance and ILS offerings with confidence

Control and Manage Policy

Leverage consistent and commensurate policy options for industrial clients, (re)insurers and ILS investors

Manage Risk Capacity

Increase accuracy in determining systemic risk events for appropriate risk capacity commitments

Target Capital Allocation

Measure single risk exposure, pragmatic accumulation and control measures to determine justified PML and capital allocation

Stimulate Risk Capital Expansion

Utilize detailed analysis of risk exposure to optimize and prioritize capital budgets for cyber risk

How it works

The Data Lake...

  • Assets, software, firmware, configurations
  • Existing Vulnerabilities
  • Existing Security Controls
  • Threat Vectors & TTPs
  • DNS Intelligence
  • Botnet Intelligence
  • Supply-chain compromise
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... combined with Data Processing 

  • Probabilistic Bayesian inference
  • Machine Learning
  • Portfolio aggregation
  • Data Clustering by sector and geography
DeRISK SaaS Platform to reduce and manage cyber risk



  • Greater accuracy in underwriting assessment, accumulation risk, pricing, loss reserving and capital allocation / management
  • Automatic and continuous risk tracking
  • Data transparency between industrial clients, (re)insurers and ILS investors
  • Alignment of coverage terms with risk exposures
  • New product development empowerment
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