DeRISK Platform Overview eBook

Identify and quantify cyber risks at facilities or sites in your company with DeNexus' DeRISK platform.

In this eBook you'll find:

  • How to quantify cyber risk for industrial or OT environments
  • How to compare risk mitigation strategies
  • An introduction to the DeRISK platform
  • How to optimize your cybersecurity budget


Leverage the adaptive and continuous Bayesian modeling techniques behind easy-to-use and modify risk graphs and reporting metrics of the DeRISK SaaS Platform.

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Rely on the open API to extend the value of existing security tools within your network for richer data sets and more accurate risk assessments.



Get the maximum ROI and NPV of your investments quickly so that you can improve capital allocation and achieve true cyber resilience.

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Global 2000 companies, from power generation to manufacturing and other critical infrastructure, rely on DeNexus to understand their bespoke cybersecurity economics and optimize their risk-reduction ROI. Leverage DeNexus and our DeRISK Platform to implement a data-driven, evidence-based process to maximize your cybersecurity budget and actively manage cyber risk.