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                                      Manage, Quantify, Solve Cyber Risk

                                      Cyber resilience delivered from the cloud for the industrial enterprise, (re)insurance providers, and ILS investors.

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                                      Achieve True Cyber Resilience

                                      Quantify cyber risk exposure on a continuous, self-adaptive basis using the world’s first evidence-based data analytics SaaS Platform - DeRISK.

                                      Stop guessing. Know the business impact of cyber risk.

                                      Save money with the advanced models and predictions in DeRISK.
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                                      Understand your cyber risk exposure

                                      DeRISK allows ICS/OT cybersecurity stakeholders, (re)insurers, and ILS investors to value and plan for the amount of cyber risk exposure that is optimum for their organization. 


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                                      Identify cyber threat sources

                                      DeRISK identifies where cyber risk is coming from so that ICS/OT organizations, (re)insurers, and ILS investors can better mitigate, thwart and off-set cyber risk. 

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                                      Answer the "Money Question" over time

                                      DeRISK provides executive cyber risk stakeholders with the business impact of cyber risk in real-time to guide investments in cybersecurity, insurance and capital management strategy. 

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                                      Ken Young (2)
                                      With DeRISK, we understand our cybersecurity posture and can prioritize risk reduction and mitigation actions based on actionable financial data
                                      Ken Young
                                      COO, Apex Clean Energy
                                      Ken Young (2)
                                      We are impressed with the DeNexus team and their approach to assessing and prioritizing cyber risk
                                      John Franzino
                                      CEO at GridSME
                                      Report from Gartner features DeNexus
                                      According to Gartner, “Integrated Risk Management Is Expanding to Support Cybersecurity Functions.”
                                      DeNexus named as a Sample Vendor in 2021 Gartner® “Competitive Landscape: Integrated Risk Management” Report.

                                      A major international energy conglomerate and operating company with distributed OT assets in North America, South America, Asia and Europe lacked the ability to unify risk valuation, planning and management across the $75-billion dollar enterprise. Security stakeholders were paying for costly and time-consuming cyber risk assessments on a per site basis, costing over $65k per site and per instance. 

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                                      The DeRISK Platform was able to be deployed quickly and securely, valuing and quantifying cyber risk across the entire industrial enterprise. With hundreds of actionable graphs and reporting GUIs, DeRISK was able to provide the customer with granular assessments of where sources of cyber risk were located, what their attributed costs were and what mitigation pathways were available to solve them. 

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                                      With the DeRISK Platform, DeNexus was able to save the customer 70% in assessment costs ($45k savings per site) with a continuous, real-time multi-site picture of the organizations'  cyber risk posture. In addition, the DeRISK Platform has improved risk reporting accuracy and optimized the cybersecurity investment strategy. 

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                                      DeRISK Platform Benefits

                                      Value Cyber Risk

                                      Know the financial implications of cyber risk at all times to guide cybersecurity and cyber risk management strategy

                                      Optimize Capital Allocation

                                      Conduct detailed scenario planning to achieve maximum financial capacity and judicious loss reserving for cyber risk

                                      Mitigate Exposure to Risk

                                      Monitor sources of cyber risk contributors and identify probable maximum loss (PML) as a result

                                      Uncover ROI-based Investments

                                      Measure the financial impact of risk mitigating in insurance, cybersecurity and investments 


                                      Leverage Intuitive Interfaces

                                      Reduce cyber risk with hundreds of visualizations built for the industrial asset owner in mind

                                      Deploy & Enforce Consistent Policy

                                      Leverage consistent policy options for ICS/OT organizations and cyber risk (re)insurers.

                                      Achieve true cyber resilience

                                      Invest wisely

                                      Save money with advanced models and predictions in DeRISK.
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                                      Content from DeNexus

                                      Get the latest from DeNexus experts in cybersecurity, cyber risk and (Re)insurance. 


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