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DeRISK Freemium

Cyber Risk Quantification and Management Platform

DeRISK new freemium version helps your company quickly evaluate their cyber risk posture.



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  • Establish the groundwork for sound financial planning of your cyber risk management

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How DeRISK Freemium works

Evaluate your cyber mitigation program in 5 simple steps

  1. On boarding

  2. Inputs

  3. OT cyber risk mitigation budget

  4. Results

  5. Downloadable Report

DeRISK Freemium will generate a downloadable Executive Report with:

  • Your cybersecurity posture compared to your industry peers

  • Public-facing vulnerabilities

  • Open ports

  • Top 3 potential losse

  • Top 3 initial attack entry point

  • Mitigation strategies and quantified opportunities to reduce cyber risk

Download an example of the DeRISK Executive Report.

DeRISK Freemium - Cyber Risk Quantification and Management Platform

The DeRISK platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Probabilistic Inference, to empowers you to evaluate primary cyber risk factors and potential losses that may result from a cyber event.

The DeRISK Freemium version gives you immediate, free access to your organization's cyber risk exposure with a holistic perspective on the level of risk carried on your balance sheet: Annual Expected Loss and Value at Risk. You also get visibility into the positive impact of various cyber risk mitigation strategies on reducing risk.

Empower all stakeholders – the cybersecurity, compliance, risk management, executive C-suite, and insurance teams – to access the same information and make data-driven decision on cyber investments.

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