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Achieve true cyber resilience with real-time cyber risk analysis

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Market Reality

The Operational Technology (OT) cyber landscape is undergoing radical change, putting operators of critical infrastructure in constant financial uncertainty about their risk of cyber loss.


The average industrial cyber breach in 2021 costs nearly $5m according to IBM's Cost of Data Breach Report*


Recent WannaCry ransomware attacks infected some 200,000 computer systems in 150 countries**



OT Cyber Risk Solutions for Industrial Manufacturers. 

DeRISK is purpose-built for ICS and OT environments, allowing cyber risk leaders at the field and plant level align cybersecurity strategies with the board room. 

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Mitigate cyber risk according to likelihood and business impact 

DeRISK puts cyber risk data to work for ICS and OT leaders with:

  • Expected loss
  • Most probable loss
  • Value at Risk (VaR)
  • Impact in income
  • Impact on balance sheet
  • Granular insights on risk sources
  • ... and more

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DeRISK gathers, orchestrates, and interprets data-flows from cybersecurity solutions, threat intelligence databases and proprietary business operations sources to provide cybersecurity leaders and CISOs with the likelihood, business impact and mitigation pathways for cyber incidents.

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What outcome would benefit your business the most? 


Value Your Cyber Risk

Know your financial risk associated with every cyber risk at all times to make the right capital allocations

Defend Your Operation

Build better cyber defense strategies with detailed posture assessments

Mitigate Risk Exposure

Leverage the DeNexus Knowledge Center for detailed attack-path mapping

Optimize Security Monitoring

Reduce cyber risk with hundreds of visualizations built for the industrial asset owner in mind

Implement ROI-based Cybersecurity

Measure the financial impact of different mitigations and optimize capital allocation

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