Full-Stack Solution to Industrial Cyber Risk

Enable Efficient Risk Management and Transfer

CISOs, OT Facility Managers, Cybersecurity Practitioners, Executive Boards and Insurers need better quantification of cyber risks across their fleet of Operational Technology (OT) assets to enable efficient risk management and transfer.

DeNexus delivers an evidence-based solution for OT industrial stakeholders to gain visibility into each facility’s cyber exposure, calculate the probability and financial impact of potential cyber incidents, and prioritize risk mitigation based on ROI or other KPIs.


End-to-End Solution for Cyber Risk

Identify Exposures Icon

Identify Exposures

Translate vulnerabilities in your OT infrastructure into potential risk for your business.

Quantification of Risks Icon

Quantify Cyber Risk

Evaluate the financial impact of cyber risk at all times across all your OT individual assets and entire portfolio. Know where your business is most at risk.

Prioritize Risk Mitigation Projects Icon

Prioritize Risk Mitigation Projects

Easily visualize how each risk mitigation project reduces your exposure and improves your risk profile.

Justify Cybersecurity Investments Icon

Justify Cybersecurity Investments

Use risk mitigation ROI analyses to make informed decisions on where to invest first.

Compare to Peers

Compare to Peers

Benchmark your cyber risk posture against your industry peers and across your fleet of assets.

Optimize Risk Transfer Icon

Optimize Risk Transfer

Use our outputs to guide your cybersecurity and risk management strategy, including cyber insurance.

A New Approach to OT Cyber Risk

CISO - CFO Collaboration

Cyber risk is a technology AND a business issue. DeNexus gives CISOs and CFOs a solution to collaborate and prioritize cyber investments.

Risk Visibility at All Levels

DeNexus aggregates the risk across all your sites and delivers a clear picture of the potential impact of cyber incidents on your business.

Optimized Budget

DeNexus empowers you to prioritize cybersecurity efforts and allocate resources by showing where you are most at risk


Know the business impact of cyber risk.

Know where to start with risk management.

Rich Cyber Risk Metrics

DeNexus shows the highest risk vulnerabilities, access vectors and sites to CISOs and the cybersecurity projects with the highest ROI and mitigation impact to CFOs.

Analysis is available for each site or a grouping of sites with comparison to industry peers.

Explore DeRISK

Built On Cyber Standards and Frameworks Using AI

DeRISK relies on leading industry standards and frameworks such as MITRE ATT&CK for Industrial Control Systems (ICS), FAIR Taxonomy, NIST-CSF, or ISO 27001. Our outputs are based on proven methodologies understood within the cybersecurity industry and board rooms. Learn More >

Global 1000 Companies Have Reduced Their Cyber Risk with DeNexus

“With DeRisk we understand our cybersecurity posture and can prioritize risk reduction and mitigation actions based on actionable financial data.”

Ken Young
CEO, Apex Clean Energy

“The DeNexus software acts as a bridge between the cybersecurity team and the executive leadership group, as it allows me to quantify cyber risk with defendable metrics and ROIs.”

Jonathan Alexander
Director Cybersecurity, EDF

“We are impressed with the DeNexus team and their approach to assessing and prioritizing cyber risk.”

John Franzino
CEO, GridSecurity

“The DeRISK platform provides actionable data and reporting that helps us identify and communicate cybersecurity risks to the organization. It is a core component of our risk assessment, quantification, and remediation efforts.”

Scott Hooper
Director Cybersecurity, Clearway